Passenger Behaviour Policy


The following Passenger Behaviour policy outlines the expected code of conduct for all passengers of Shuttlers. This policy aims to ensure a safe, comfortable, and respectful environment for all passengers. By using Shuttlers, passengers agree to abide by this policy.

Booking and Trip Guidelines

  1. Passengers are required to book all rides on the Shuttlers mobile or web app, or through a Bus Marshal.
  2. Passengers are required to arrive at the pickup location at least 3 minutes before their pick-up time.
  3. Passengers are required to cooperate with the Bus Marshal, and Pilot at all times.
  4. If you are running late, kindly contact the Marshal, Bus Captain, Pilot, or the Customer Experience Team to inform them.
  5. Getting on a Shuttle without having a booking for the trip or taking a trip using another customer’s booking is not permitted.

  6. When in doubt about your trip, please contact the Customer Experience Team.

Respectful Behaviour

3.1 Respect for Others: Passengers must treat fellow passengers, drivers, and Shuttlers staff with respect, courtesy, and dignity. Any form of discrimination, harassment, verbal abuse, or physical assault will not be tolerated.

3.2 Personal Space: Passengers should respect the personal space of others and avoid unnecessary physical contact or invasion of privacy.

3.3 Noise and Volume: Passengers should maintain a reasonable noise level during their journey, ensuring that the volume of conversations, electronic devices, or any other activities does not disturb or inconvenience others.

Safety and Security

4.1 Compliance with Safety Regulations: Passengers must comply with all safety regulations provided by the Shuttlers, and local authorities. This includes wearing seat belts (where available), adhering to occupancy limits, and following emergency procedures.

4.2 Prohibited Items: Passengers are prohibited from carrying any illegal substances, weapons, flammable materials, or other items that may pose a threat to the safety and security of the journey.

4.3 Reporting Suspicious Activities: Passengers should promptly report any suspicious activities, unattended baggage, or potential security threats to the driver or Shuttlers staff.

Cleanliness and Hygiene

5.1 Cleanliness of the Vehicle: Passengers are expected to keep the vehicle clean and tidy during their journey. Littering, spitting, or any other actions that may compromise the cleanliness of the vehicle are strictly prohibited.

5.2 Food and Beverages: Consumption of food and beverages is allowed, but passengers should be mindful of their choices to avoid strong odors or spills that may inconvenience others. Alcohol consumption is not permitted unless expressly allowed by the shuttle pilot or the bus marshal.

5.3 Personal Hygiene: Passengers should maintain proper personal hygiene, including being mindful of strong odors, and avoid any behavior that may cause discomfort to fellow passengers.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

6.1 Legal Compliance: Passengers must comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and local bylaws during their journey. This includes but is not limited to traffic rules, smoking bans, and the consumption of controlled substances.

Consequences of Non-Compliance

7.1 Reporting Violations: Passengers or drivers who observe any violations of this policy are encouraged to report the incident to the pilot, marshal, or the Shuttlers' Customer Experience team.

7.2 Penalties: Shuttlers reserves the right to take appropriate actions, including but not limited to suspension or termination of a passenger's account, in response to any violations of this policy.

7.3 Legal Actions: Serious violations that breach the law may result in legal consequences as determined by the relevant authorities.

Amendments to the Policy

Shuttlers reserves the right to amend or update this Passenger Behaviour Policy at any time. Passengers will be notified of any changes, and continued use of Shuttlers will constitute acceptance of the updated policy.

By using Shuttlers, passengers agree to adhere to this Passenger Behaviour Policy and understand that failure to comply may result in disciplinary actions.

Escalation Channels

Please contact our Customer Experience team for assistance through the official Shuttlers telephone number, via email, or chat directly with an agent on your Shuttlers app.

Phone Number: 017000518