Frequently Asked Questions

A handy guide To Shuttlers

For riders
How To Request a Ride

Requesting a ride is very easy, simply follow these steps:

  • Download the Shuttlers app via Playstore or IOS
  • Register and sign up on the app
  • Click on “where would you like to go”
  • Enter your preferred pickup location and destination
  • Select a one-way or return trip
  • Select departure date
  • Select ‘find tickets and prices’ and proceed to select a trip.
  • Proceed to book and pay for your trip with your preferred payment method.
  • You can either pay directly for your trip or fund your wallet. Fund your wallet easily using the in-app payment platform (card, bank, transfer, USSD, or pay offline, after booking, a reservation code would be generated for you to take a Moniepoint agent to make payment for the reserved booking. The trip ticket would be crested after payment is successful, and your trip ticket would be seen in your ‘upcoming bookings’ tab).

Your ride details will be sent to you and you’re all set to go!

How To Cancel A Trip

Have you booked for a ride and changed your mind? Not a problem, we’ve got you! Follow these steps to cancel:

  • Go to the ‘bookings’ interface on the app and proceed to view your ‘upcoming trips’
  • Select the trip you intend to cancel
  • Scroll down on the ticket and click on ‘cancel booking’
  • A pop-up will appear, checking if you’re sure you want to cancel. Select ‘Yes, Cancel’
  • You would get a refund after deductions in line with our trip cancellation policy on your booking after cancellation.

That’s all, easy peasy!

Please Note: You have to cancel not later than two hours before the booked ride is scheduled to begin to be eligible for a refund.

How To Pay For A Trip

We’ve made paying for trips very stress-free!

We have different payment methods, and you can select your preferred option.

  • Pay with transfer
  • Pay with card
  • Pay with bank (an account number is generated for you to make payment directly through Parkway Readycash. Kindly note that this payment reflects about 5-10 minutes after the transaction has been made)
  • Pay with wallet (your wallet can be funded easily, please refer to the ‘How to Fund my Wallet’ faq)
  • Charge my company
  • Pay offline (after booking, a reservation code would be generated for you to take a Moniepoint agent to make payment for the reserved booking. The trip ticket would be crested after payment is successful, and your trip ticket would be seen in your ‘upcoming bookings’ tab).
  • Pay with Transfer
How To Reach Out To Support

We have a courteous and helpful support team waiting to attend to your needs. You can reach our support team by chatting with them live via in-app chat, via email at or by phone call 017000518

Does Shuttlers Have Any Hidden Charges?

No, buddy! With Shuttlers you are only billed for the rides you booked, and once you cancel a booking in time, your money will be refunded to your wallet instantly.

No other charges are debited from you.

What Routes are Available?

The routes available are all listed on the app. To view all available routes, click on the ‘Discover’ button on the app's home screen, select the city from the top right corner, and a list of all our routes will be shown on the screen. If you are unable to locate a shuttle going your way on the app, please feel free to chat with us via the in-app chat option, visit the website, or suggest a route on the app.

How can I Track a Vehicle?

To track your vehicle, click on “Active Trip” from the Book Now section of the app. After clicking on the active trip, you would be able to view the vehicle’s location on the map and also see the vehicle's estimated time of arrival at your pickup location. From this screen, you can view the pilot’s name and vehicle details, such as the vehicle type, vehicle number plate, and route code for identification.

Note: A vehicle can only be tracked when the trip has been started by the Pilot.

Can I make Two bookings with One account ?

Yes, you can make two bookings and book for as many as four users. Simply follow the usual steps to book a trip, and on the screen where you can see the trip summary, select the number of seats and book for others, save, and proceed to payment.

How to Reset Password

Please follow these steps to reset your password:

  • Select the Forgot Password option, enter your email address then select the Recover Password option.
  • A mail will be sent to you to reset your password.
  • If after trying these steps, you are still unable to reset your password, kindly reach out to support at 017000518 or for a resolution.
How Can I Hire a Vehicle ?

On the Shuttlers app home screen, click on the ‘Hire’ button, and then select your preferred vehicle type. Add vehicle to charter and make request. Next you want to enter the following required information:

  • Pickup and destination address
  • One-way or round trip
  • Pick up date and time
  • Number of Passengers
  • Number of stops

An estimated price will be shown, then you can send a charter request and wait briefly to be contacted by a member of the team to provide the exact amount for your charter request..

Trip Start Time

It is worth noting that your trip departure/ start time, as seen on your booking ticket, is the time your vehicle takes off from the first pickup location on that route. This means that if you are not at the first pickup location of that route, your Pilot will be getting to your bus stop at a later time.

The Scan Feature

The scan feature help’s passengers check-in and out of ongoing trips they’ve booked on, it also helps them book on the trips where they have no existing booking.

How It Works

  • 1. Open the Shuttlers App
  • 2. Click on the “Scan” icon
  • 3. Align your camera with the QR code displayed on the Shuttlers vehicle. Point, scan, go!
What is EventGo ?

Shuttlers EventGo is a solution targetted towards event planners and organisers to help create public shuttle routes for their events seamlessly. This product makes transportation to events simple, saving event planners time and stress. It also makes the event better for all the attendees.

How Does EventGo Work ?
  • Create your event: provide all the required information
  • Receive real-time updates: Stay in the loop with instant notifications about route status, modifications, and shuttle availability
  • Join waitlist: A personalised onboarding link will be sent to you, allowing your attendees to join the wait list for your event seamlessly
  • Assign route to event: Once the routes have been created, you will receive notifications containing the details of each route for attendees to book
How To Create An Event

First up, you want to make sure you have a Shuttlers account and that you are logged in. If you do not have one, kindly create it to ensure a seamless process.

  • On your app select the EventGo button
  • Click on the plus (+) sign at the buttom right of your screen
  • Put in the following information;
  • - Name of event

    - Event type, e.g. conference, trade show, corporate meeting, fashion show, etc

    - Event Description

    - Location of event

    - Date of event

    - Estimated number of attendees

  • You would also be required to specify if Shuttlers would take the attendees to and from the event, and also indicate if the attendees will be in full control of paying the transportation cost to the event.
  • Finally, upload your event banner and click on submit.

Your event request will be successfully created, and our team would reach out to you once your request has been accepted. You will then be redirected to your dashboard where you can see the status of your request.

On your dashboard you can see;

  • Event status (accepted or rejected)
  • Request status
  • Attendee list

Alternatively, you can create your event on the website

What are the requirements for my event to be accepted?
  • Event authenticity
  • Event date and time (please provide sufficient lead time for request processing)
  • Number of attendees
How do I request a refund?

Shuttlers hopes that every trip booked through the app is completed without any issues; however, we acknowledge that sometimes your trip may not go as expected.

Where a trip does not go as planned, you may share your feedback by rating the trip or contacting our customer experience team on the app through the live chat feature, highlighting what went wrong with the trip. Sometimes, these issues may be covered by our Trip Refund Policy.

When is a user eligible for a full refund?

  • When the user changes his/her mind about embarking on the trip and cancels the trip at least 1 hour before the trip is scheduled to begin, an automatic refund is made to the user’s wallet.
  • Where there is a breakdown in the course of the trip and a buffer is not provided to complete the trip.
  • Where there is a breakdown in the course of the trip and the user decides to continue his/her journey without using a buffer for whatever reason.
  • Where the user is at the appropriate pickup location and is left behind by the bus.
  • Where the user does not board due to a delayed pick-up exceeding 30 minutes.

When is a user eligible for a partial refund?

  • Where there is a breakdown and a buffer is provided, the user is eligible for a 20% refund for the inconvenience caused.
  • Where there is a mechanical issue such as the loss of air conditioning in the course of the trip, the user is eligible for a 30% refund for the inconvenience caused.
  • Where the user is dropped off at the wrong drop-off location, a 20% refund for the inconvenience caused.

When is a user NOT eligible for a refund?

  • Where a user cancels or requests to cancel his/her trip when the trip is scheduled to commence less than 1 hour after the cancellation request, or cancellation was made.
  • Where the user is left behind after the allotted 2-minute wait time and he/she is a no-show at the pick-up location.
  • Where the user is left behind because he/she is at a location different from where he/she has entered the app as his/her pick-up location.


Payments made into a user’s wallet connotes a final non-refundable sale for future trips to be taken on the Shuttlers app. However, there are exceptions where a refund to a user’s bank account can be processed.

  • Where a user’s preferred route is not yet available on the Shuttlers itinerary.
  • Where the user will no longer be a resident of a city Shuttlers operates in.

Charge On Bank Account Refunds

Refund to a user’s bank account is subject to a 5% charge, which will be deducted from the total sum to be refunded to the account.

Resolving Requests

All Shuttlers wallet refund requests submitted to our customer experience team at or via the in-app live chat are resolved within 24 hours of escalation.

False Reports

Shuttlers will investigate all refund requests. Reporting a false experience about a trip shall result in the user’s refund request not being processed.

Time limit for a Refund

Shuttlers will process refunds to bank account within 3-5 business days from the day the request was made.

Dynamic Pricing

What is dynamic pricing on Shuttlers?

Dynamic pricing on Shuttlers refers to the practice of adjusting the prices of its shuttle services in real-time based on various factors, such as supply, cost of fuel, cost of insurance, tolls, the state of roads along the route, and distance.

How does dynamic pricing work on Shuttlers?

Shuttlers uses a sophisticated algorithm to monitor the cost of supply of its shuttle services. Based on this information, the algorithm automatically adjusts the prices of the shuttle services to ensure that the supply of shuttles meets the demand of the customers at any given time.

How is dynamic pricing different from surge pricing?

Dynamic pricing is a pricing model where fares are adjusted in real-time based on supply factors, resulting in prices that vary based on the current market conditions. In contrast, surge pricing, on the other hand, is a specific type of dynamic pricing used where pricing increases in times of high demand, such as a rush hour or during inclement weather, and the prices for rides can increase significantly, sometimes up to several times the normal fare. We do not currently have surge or peak pricing.

How is dynamic pricing different from fixed pricing?

Fixed pricing is a pricing model where the prices of a product or service are constant, regardless of demand and supply factors. In contrast, dynamic pricing adjusts prices in real-time based on supply factors, resulting in prices that vary based on the current market conditions.

Why does Shuttlers use dynamic pricing?

Shuttlers uses dynamic pricing to ensure that there is no loss in revenue and to provide a better experience for its customers. By adjusting the prices based on real-time market conditions, we can ensure that our services are always available to customers at a fair price while also making our business sustainable so that we can continue to serve you.

Will I be charged more during peak hours?

No, dynamic pricing on Shuttlers doesn’t factor in peak periods at the moment.

Can I see the price before I book a shuttle on Shuttlers?

Yes, Shuttlers displays the price of the shuttle service before you book it; this price doesn’t change after a booking has been confirmed. The price will be displayed along with the pickup and drop-off locations, the trip start time, and other relevant information about the shuttle service.

How can I save money on Shuttlers?

You can save money on Shuttlers by subscribing for a full month at the beginning of the month at a fare that is favourable to you. Additionally, you can earn more wallet credit when you refer your friends to Shuttlers using your referral code, every successful referral gives you N200.

Why do customers see different fares on the same route?

Customers may see different fares on the same route due to dynamic pricing. Dynamic pricing adjusts prices in real-time based on various factors, such as the type of vehicle deployed on the route and the cost of the vehicle supplied. This means that prices can fluctuate depending on supply factors. As such, customers booking on different days may see different fares for the same route. We advise that you subscribe for the month when you find a favourable fare.

How does Dynamic pricing affect Exclusive B2B and Shared B2B?

Pricing for Exclusive and Dedicated-Shared businesses are based on the contract signed with the business, pricing is fixed until changes are communicated to them in line with the terms of the contract, while Shared businesses (non-dedicated) are subject to the fares on shared routes. To learn more about Shuttlers for Business, click to request a demo.

For drivers
How To Accept a Ride

You wouldn’t need to accept trips because you'll only be assigned to any of the routes you opted for when signing up with Shuttlers.

How To Reach Out To Support

We have a courteous and helpful support team waiting to attend to your needs.

You can reach our support team by chatting with them live via in-app chat, via email at or phone call 017 000 518.

How To Reach Out To Bus Marshals

Every bus is assigned a Bus Marshal who is in charge of taking the attendance of shuttle users and updating the driver. Drivers are also given the numbers of the bus marshals.

How To Reach Out To the User

On your app, you can access the contact details of users who are signed up for a particular route.

When and Where is Shuttlers Available in my City?

Shuttlers is only available in Lagos and Abuja Nigeria. On the app, you view a list of all the routes we cover in both cities.