SHE-MOVES with Shuttlers

Enhancing Professional Effectiveness for Female Professionals via Bus-pooling.

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Learn skills on your commute

Invest your long commute time in traffic to learn digital skills, soft skills and financial skills.

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Benefits of She-moves
Who can benefit from SHE-MOVES?
Are you a young female professional residing in Lagos State?
Are you between the ages of 18-45?
Are you looking to gain new skills to improve your career and business growth?
Are you looking to use hours spent in traffic to acquire new skills?
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Do you possess career, leadership and business skills or expertise and are looking to volunteer your time by mentoring an aspiring young woman to develop her professional and business skills on the shuttles? We invite you to join our She-Moves mentoring community.
How to join
She-Moves Project will drive impact through increased productivity of women, maximizing commute time of the professionals.
She-Moves Project is an initiative of Shuttlers powered by GWC and Ford Motors and is aimed at providing women and girls with professional skills and development.
We are now accepting applications from inspiring women who would like to give back by joining a couple of our She-Moves Shuttlers to mentor a young woman on her commute to work.
If you can commit two hours of your time each month, for one year, build your own mentoring skills, and support a woman who is striving for success, please do join us in this one-of-a-kind programme.
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SHE-MOVES with shuttlers

SHE-MOVES is an initiative of Shuttlers supported by the Ford Motor Company Fund and Ford Motor Company in partnership with Global Water Challenge (GWC). Shuttlers is a tech and transport start-up which enables professionals and organisations share rides in corporate buses to and from work.
This SHE-MOVES project will enable professionals across various organisations share rides on corporate buses, to and from work as well as give female professionals the opportunity to use their otherwise long commute time in traffic as a learning and development time .
The project will provide them with access to online courses, mentors and peer-to-peer support for professional courses they might be interested in taking.